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Las Vegas Star Trek convention offered us an amazing panel yesterday, reuniting for the first time on stage, all five living Star Trek doctors for a panel. I have been following it through tweets of people being there and RTed the Gates answers, so you can go ahead on the site twitter and check, but here today I’m filling the gallery with wonderful HQ pictures from the event. Take a look and enjoy!

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The gallery has been updated with 180 HD screencaptures of Gates McFadden in the 2005 movie Dirty. Also you can find a short clip of her role in our video archive!

Movie Productions > Dirty > Video Clip
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Take a look in the gallery for some HQ photos of Gates McFadden at her panel in Münich for German Comic Con on June 15th. Enjoy!

The gallery and video archive have been updated with screencaptures and clips from a 2009 movie “Make the Yuletide Gay” in which Gates played Martha Stanford. Take a look and enjoy!

A gay student who is “out” at college but not to his family receives an unexpected visit from his boyfriend while at home during the holidays.

Movie Productions > Make The Yuletide Gay > Clips
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As we all know, Gates McFadden was in Münich during the weekend for German Comic Con and some friends who went there went to the panel just for me as my official photographers. Thanks Andrea and María for donating such lovely pictures to the site.

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Wandered a little into my archive folders and found a few photos of Gates McFadden from various events during the years, some are additions to already existing albums and some completely new albums. Take a look and enjoy!

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Another Star Trek magazine with a very interesting interview with Gates McFadden has been scanned and added to the gallery. Take a look and enjoy!