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Star Trek: Nemesis
Character: Dr. Beverly Crusher
Directed by: Stuart Baird
Written by: John Logan, Rick Berman, Brent Spiner
Produced by: Rick Berman
Other cast: Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Hardy
Release date: December 13, 2002
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Running time: 1h 56min

Capt. Jean-Luc Picard diverts the starship Enterprise from its scheduled trip to Cmdr. Riker and Counselor Troi's wedding to negotiate a peace treaty with the Romulans. Picard is shocked when Shinzon, the new Praetor of the Romulans, admits to being a clone of him. When the crew members discover a break-in on their computer, they are forced into a life-or-death battle to stop Shinzon's Warbird before it can destroy the Earth.


→ This December, a generation’s final journey begins.
→ For every good in the universe, there is an evil.
→ A generation’s final journey begins.
→ On December 13th, the battle for Earth begins.


♦ In a deleted scene near the beginning, it is mentioned that Dr. Crusher is preparing to leave for Starfleet Medical. This further adds to the sense of the ship emptying, and further cements this as the final Next Generation movie.

Character’s Quotes

[examining B-4] You know, all things considered, Data, I think you have nicer eyes.