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The Homecoming
Character: Ruth
Directed by: Anthony McKay
Written by: Harold Pinter (play)
Other cast: Joe Silver, Mark Arnott, Charles Randall, Howard Sherman, Wiliam McNulty
Venue: Jewish Repertory Theatre, New York City
Genre: Drama

After having lived in the United States for several years, Teddy brings his wife, Ruth, home for the first time to meet his working-class family in North London, where he grew up and which she finds more familiar than their arid academic life in America. Much sexual tension occurs as Ruth teases Teddy's brothers and father and the men taunt one another in a game of one-upmanship, resulting in Ruth's staying behind with Teddy's relatives as "one of the family" and Teddy and their three sons returning home to America without her.

About the character

Ruth is a woman in her early thirties, wife of Teddy.