Gates McFadden Files

Every Good Boy Deserves Favor

Character: Teacher

Directed by: Patrick Stewart

Written by: Tom Stoppard

Produced by: Charles Johanson

Cast Members: Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Colm Meaney

Venue: Don Wash Auditorium, Garden Grove, CA

Production Dates: April 10-11 & April 17, 1993

The play concerns a dissident, Alexander Ivanov, who is imprisoned in a Soviet mental hospital, from which he will not be released until he admits that his statements against the government were caused by a (non-existent) mental disorder. In the hospital he shares a cell with a genuinely disturbed schizophrenic, also called Ivanov, who believes himself to have a symphony orchestra under his command. Alexander receives visits from the Doctor and from a Colonel in the KGB. Meanwhile, his son, Sacha, is seen in a school classroom with a teacher who attempts to convince him of the genuineness of his father's illness.

Script developed by Never Enough Design