Welcome to Gates McFadden Files, your online resource dedicated to the amazing Gates McFadden. Actress, director and choreographer, you may better remember Gates for her role of Doctor Beverly Crusher in the Star Trek franchise. But her career also dives into other projects on screen such as Marker, Franklin & Bash, Mad About You, Make the Yuletide Gay, The Muppets Take Manhattan, and on stage with Cloud 9, To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday, Voices in the Dark. This fansite is comprehensive of an extensive photo gallery with events, magazines, screencaps, an updated press library for articles and written interviews, and a video section for recorded interviews, sneak peeks, trailers. We are absolutely respectful of her privacy and proudly a paparazzi-free site!!!

After months of teasing finally it’s time for the official final trailer for upcoming season of Star Trek: Picard and OMG what is all this. February 16th cannot come any time soon!
Enjoy the trailer before and a new poster key art in our gallery.

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Thanks to the lovely Bev Crusher’s Trek Archive we have screencaptures of Gates McFadden in the short film Brando and it’s amazing, short but intense wonderful performance. You can watch the film in our archive or its source.

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“Crusher had not been in Starfleet, like the others had stayed in Starfleet much longer. So that’s interesting in and of itself. She’s had to become a warrior in a different way. She was really exploring places that had not been explored and planets that didn’t have medical help. So that was fascinating.”

The new issue of SFX from February is out and dedicated its cover to the new season of Star Trek: Picard (starting February 16th) with interviews with Legacy actors from Star Trek: The Next Generation, returning for the series final season. Enjoy the HD Digital scans and the interviews.

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A the beautiful feeling of a new year and building categories and especially this is the year of Star Trek: Picard and I’m digging the promotion for it already.
Yesterday there was the TCA event with a panel dedicated to the show with Terry Matalas, Alex Kurtzman, Sir Patrick Stewart, an incredibly wonderful looking Gates McFadden, Michael Dorn, Jeri Ryan and Michelle Hurd. Enjoy the HQ photos from the event and portraits. I’m loving the braid!!!

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Hello and welcome to version #4 of Gates McFadden Files.
It has been almost a year with the old ones but as I go on with this beauty I feel the need to work on better designs that focus more on simplicity and minimalism, highlighting the important sections. So I always want to keep Gates’ own official accounts on top and a very minimum amount of colors.
This one we can call it Classic Beauty in Space, after all she *is* the Space Doctor.
Hope you like them as much as I do!

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Surprise!!! You thought I was done yesterday, didn’t you. So today you get a bonus gift surprise with the full set of screencaptures of Gates McFadden in season 7 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, which means that now the series section is complete and all the screencaptures have been added and you can access them whenever you look for something! Enjoy.

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Another day and another batch of caps of Gates McFadden, as Doctor Beverly Crusher, from season 6 of Star Trek: The Next Generation. This season has one of my favorite conclusions, although it’s a liason to the next season, cause we get Captain Beverly and she’s amazing!!!!

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