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We arrived to the end of this journey and what an end? I do sincerely believe this has been the best ending of Star Trek, including The Next Generation also.
What a ride was it for Beverly Crusher and for us fans to witness and live the amazingness of this character and the more than excellent job that Gates McFadden did with her.
I’m still shaking and shivering with emotions from it. What a wonderful conclusion, although I do want more of this beautiful character, but what this season gave us is a lot already to cherish and keep in our heart for forever. Nobody can now say Beverly Crusher isn’t brave, loyal and wise.
Enjoy the HD screencaptures from the last episode of Star Trek: Picard.

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OHMYGates how gorgeous is this woman????
Star Trek: Picard aired its finale and the cast and crew participated to the FYC Event and she looked fantastic. Enjoy the HQ photos and hopefully I’ll have more to add at later time.

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Just one but it’s enough to make us cry already. The magnificent 7 are back, on the Enterprise-D, and they’re up to something to save everyone. Stay tuned to find out in the final chapter of Star Trek: Picard.

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When you think that the last episode has killed you once and for all, there’s a new one to make the job easier.
I just with Beverly Crusher could catch a break, between a trauma and another. But Gates McFadden performances always deliver magnificently, what is she doing this season?
Enjoy the HD Screencaptures from 9th episode, titled Vox.

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What a lovely surprise to find photos of Gates McFadden at Yuri’s Night (April 9) with friends and family. Smiling and so fashionable. She’s a fashion icon, let’s be honest!

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First images from this week’s episode of Star Trek Picard have come out, and Gates McFadden/Beverly Crusher looks extremely serious. I knew things couldn’t just get calmer now.

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Another episode in and it’s another woooow episode in. That scene was anything I’d hope for and waited for, so much amazingness and the feelings. Great episode all over.
Enjoy the HD screencaptures of Gates McFadden from episode 8 of Star Trek: Picard.

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