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Mad About You (Episodes Guide)
4.01 – New Sleep-Walking PLUS
September 24, 1995
Directed by: David Steinberg | Written by: Paul Reiser

After their most passionate night of love making (which is ironic since Paul can’t recall it) the Buchman’s decide they want to start trying to have a baby.
4.06 – Yoko Said
November 12, 1995
Directed by: David Steinberg | Written by: Billy Grundfest, Paul Reiser

Paul & Jamie visit Yoko Ono to see if she will work with Paul on a filming project. They try to be careful to not talk about The Beatles.
4.08 – The Couple
November 26, 1995
Directed by: David Steinberg | Written by: Kenny Schwartz

Paul & Jamie take Murray to a dog park to socialize with other dogs. Paul & Jamie meet the dog owners and find a new couple for double-dating. They offer show tickets to the couple when the tickets have already been offered to Fran and Ira.
4.12 – Dream Weaver
February 4, 1996
Directed by: Thomas Schlamme | Written by: Billy Grundfest

Paul and Jamie each have strange dreams with sexual undertones and bizarre happenings. They try to interpret them, but even the interpretations are bizarre.