Gates McFadden Files


Character: Kimba

Created by: Stephen J. Cannell

Directed by: Dennis Dugan, David Hemmings & various

Written by: Stephen J. Cannell, Steven Smith & various

Produced by: John Ashley

Cast Members: Richard Grieco, Andy Bumatai

Released date: January 17, 1995

Genre: Drama

Richard DeMorra has been estranged from his father, a self-made man with a fortune made in the rose growing business in Hawaii, for many years. When his father dies Richard returns home and finds he has been left an unusual legacy by his father - a set of markers. Throughout his life, whenever he encountered someone he considered to be a truly worthy person, Richard's father would give them a marker accompanied by a promise that it could be called in at any time for any favour that was in his power to grant. Richard decides to take up the challenge and each week a new marker is called in.

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