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Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season Six – Episodes)

6.01 – Time’s Arrow, Part II
September 21, 1992
Directed by: Les Landau | Written by: Joe Menosky

Captain Picard and crew follow Data back to the late 1800s to get him back, only to find the suspected alien visitors killing people of that time.
6.02 – Realm of Fear
September 28, 1992
Directed by: Cliff Bole | Written by: Brannon Braga

Overcoming his fear of transporter, Lt. Barclay joins an away team, only to find something in the beam with him.
6.03 – Man of the People
October 5, 1992
Directed by: Winrich Kolbe | Written by: Frank Abatemarco

When the Enterprise comes to the rescue of an ambassador and his “mother”, Deanna finds herself attracted to him, and seeks to comfort him upon her death.
6.04 – Relics
October 12, 1992
Directed by: Alexander Singer | Written by: Ronald D. Moore

The Enterprise stumbles upon a Dyson sphere, with a ship crashed on the outer surface. An away team finds some systems still powered up and the chief engineer from the old Enterprise, Montgomery Scott, locked in the transporter cycle.

6.05 – Schisms
October 19, 1992
Directed by: Robert Wiemer | Written by: Jean Louise Matthias, Ronald Wilkerson

Commander Riker’s inability to fall asleep begins to show in other members of the crew in other forms, putting the Enterprise on the trail of a mystery.

6.06 – True Q
October 26, 1992
Directed by: Robert Scheerer | Written by: René Echevarria

When an honor student in the medical field is assigned to the Enterprise in an internship manner, she begins to demonstrate powers of the Q, prompting you-know-who to show up.
6.07 – Rascals
November 2, 1992
Directed by: Adam Nimoy | Written by: Ward Botsford, Diana Dru Botsford, Michael Piller

An emergency beam out renders four crewmen down to childhood shortly before renegade Ferengi take over the Enterprise and offload the adults.
6.08 – A Fistful of Datas
November 9, 1992
Directed by: Patrick Stewart | Written by: Robert Hewitt Wolfe

While the crew is experiencing some much needed down time, Worf and his son go on an Old West excursion in the holodeck, where they meet several versions of Data serving as the bad guy after an experiment in Engineering goes wrong.
6.09 – The Quality of Life
November 16, 1992
Directed by: Jonathan Frakes | Written by: Naren Shankar

When Geordi is assigned to survey a new mining development with Dr. Farallon, who invented an experimental mining technology, she uses a new sophisticated robot called an Exocomp to repair a power grid.

I remember Wesley asking me a similar question when he was little, and I tried desperately to give him an answer. But everything I said sounded inadequate. Then I realized that scientists and philosophers have been grappling with that question for centuries without coming to any conclusion. […] I think I’m saying that we struggle all our lives to answer it, that it’s the struggle that is important. That’s what helps us to define our place in the universe.

6.10 – Chain of Command, Part I
December 14, 1992
Directed by: Robert Scheerer | Written by: Frank Abatemarco

Picard is replaced as captain of the Enterprise so he, Lt. Worf and Dr. Crusher go on a top-secret mission into Cardassian space. Meanwhile, his replacement, Captain Jellico, meets his new command with some resistance from the crew.
6.11 – Chain of Command, Part II
December 21, 1992
Directed by: Les Landau | Written by: Frank Abatemarco

While the humorless Captain Jellico leads the effort to prevent a Cardassian invasion, Picard is captured and tortured by a ruthless interrogator in an attempt to break him.
6.12 – Ship in a Bottle
January 25, 1993
Directed by: Alexander Singer | Written by: René Echevarria

Lt. Barclay mistakenly awakes Moriarty in the forgotten holodeck program, who then makes his demands clear and unforgettable.
6.13 – Aquiel
February 1, 1993
Directed by: Cliff Bole | Written by: Jeri Taylor

Murderous intrigue abounds for the Enterprise when one of the crew aboard a subspace station is believed dead, and suspected to have taken part in it until the Klingons show up with the young lieutenant, to Geordi’s taste.
6.14 – Face of the Enemy
February 8, 1993
Directed by: Gabrielle Beaumont | Written by: René Echevarria

Deanna awakes to find herself altered to look like a Romulan, immediately unaware she’s involved in a cat-and-mouse game as a member of their intelligence agency.
6.15 – Tapestry
February 15, 1993
Directed by: Les Landau | Written by: Ronald D. Moore

When Captain Picard’s artificial heart fails, he is offered the rare opportunity to go back in time and set right the mistake that led to his demise.
6.16 – Birthright, Part I
February 22, 1993
Directed by: Winrich Kolbe | Written by: Brannon Braga

While visiting Deep Space 9, a Yridian tells Worf his father lives, and a discharge from an alien device puts Data in a dream state where he meets his own father.
6.17 – Birthright, Part II
March 1, 1993
Directed by: Dan Curry | Written by: René Echevarria

In seeking his father, Worf discovers a prisoner-of-war camp that has evolved into a Klingon/Romulan haven – an Eden where Worf becomes their serpent.
6.18 – Starship Mine
March 29, 1993
Directed by: Cliff Bole | Written by: Morgan Gendel

When the Enterprise puts in to space dock for an energy sweep of the ship which is lethal to humans, Picard gets trapped on board with technicians who are not what they appear to be.
6.19 – Lessons
April 5, 1993
Directed by: Robert Wiemer | Written by: Ronald Wilkerson, Jean Louise Matthias

Picard falls for the new head of the stellar science services department, but has feelings of misgivings when he’s forced to assign her to a dangerous mission.
6.20 – The Chase
April 26, 1993
Directed by: Jonathan Frakes | Written by: Ronald D. Moore

The crew of the Enterprise must race against various rival powers to uncover an archaeological secret that explains the predominance of humanoid life forms in the galaxy.
6.21 – Frame of Mind
May 3, 1993
Directed by: James L. Conway | Written by: Brannon Braga

Riker begins to question reality when he finds himself in an alien insane asylum and faces the prospect his life on the Enterprise has been a delusion.
6.22 – Suspicions
May 10, 1993
Directed by: Cliff Bole | Written by: Joe Menosky, Naren Shankar

Dr. Crusher puts her career on the line to prove a scientist’s theoretical new shielding technology which may have cost him his life.

(narrating) I figured the hard part was over. I’d stepped out on a limb and it hadn’t broken. Not bad for my first venture into scientific diplomacy.

6.23 – Rightful Heir
May 17, 1993
Directed by: Winrich Kolbe | Written by: James E. Brooks

During Worf’s crisis of faith on Boreth, Kahless the Unforgettable makes his promised legendary return, but Klingon leader Gowron challenges his authenticity.
6.24 – Second Chances
May 24, 1993
Directed by: LeVar Burton | Written by: Michael A. Medlock

Riker’s exact duplicate is discovered on Nervala IV. His first order of business: resume his relationship with Deanna. Second order: obey orders from his superior – himself.

Deanna – just because things turned out the way they did between you and Commander Riker doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let things between you and Lieutenant Riker take their own course.

6.25 – Timescape
June 14, 1993
Directed by: Adam Nimoy | Written by: Brannon Braga

Aboard a shuttlecraft and en route back to the Enterprise, Picard, LaForge, Data, and Troi find themselves trapped in a time trap of some sort, where the Enterprise is being taken over by Romulans, and the ship, itself, on a course of destruction.
6.26 – Descent, Part I
June 21, 1993
Directed by: Alexander Singer | Written by: Jeri Taylor

After an encounter with the Borg, Data feels his first emotion when he gets angry with the Borg. Data then tries to find ways to recreate the situation in order to feel emotions again, whilst the Enterprise investigates the Borg activity, and are bewildered as to why they feel emotions too.