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Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season Three – Episodes)

3.01 – Evolution
September 25, 1989
Directed by: Winrich Kolbe | Written by: Michael Wagner, Michael Piller

Wesley’s latest science project escapes the lab, threatening the Enterprise and an eminent scientist’s life-long project.

See? Now, that is healthy for a boy his age! I mean that as a doctor and not as just a mother. Ah, it is so good to see him having fun for a change! With an attractive young woman, who obviously looks at him with extraordinary affection… [to Guinan, suddenly suspicious] What do you know about this girl?

3.02 – The Ensigns of Command
October 2, 1989
Directed by: Cliff Bole | Written by: Melinda M. Snodgrass

After 111 years of silence, an extremely litigious alien race asserts its agreed upon right to wipe out a Federation colony in its territory.
3.03 – The Survivors
October 9, 1989
Directed by: Les Landau | Written by: Michael Wagner

The Enterprise responds to a distress call from Rana IV, a Federation colony that is under attack from an unknown alien ship. When they arrive, they find the entire surface of the planet destroyed, save for a single house and two occupants.
3.04 – Who Watches the Watchers
October 16, 1989
Directed by: Robert Wiemer | Written by: Richard Manning, Hans Beimler

A proto-Vulcan culture worships Captain Picard and prepares to offer Counselor Troi as a sacrifice.
3.05 – The Bonding
October 23, 1989
Directed by: Winrich Kolbe | Written by: Ronald D. Moore

A startling surprise awaits the crew of the Enterprise when a mission costs the life of a crew member, who left her son behind.

What would you choose? If somebody came along and offered to give you back your mother, father or husband – would any of us say no so easily?

3.06 – Booby Trap
October 30, 1989
Directed by: Gabrielle Beaumont | Written by: Michael Wagner, Ron Roman

The Enterprise triggers an ancient yet effective trap left by an extinct race, with a perfectly preserved derelict ship serving as cheese for Picard.
3.07 – The Enemy
November 6, 1989
Directed by: David Carson | Written by: David Kemper, Michael Piller

La Forge gets left behind on a storm-plagued planet when the rest of his team encounters a Romulan warrior.
3.08 – The Price
November 13, 1989
Directed by: Robert Scheerer | Written by: Hannah Louise Shearer

While the Enterprise hosts negotiations for control of a stable wormhole, Troi forms a personal relationship with an opposing negotiator, unaware of his true being.
3.09 – The Vengeance Factor
November 20, 1989
Directed by: Timothy Bond | Written by: Sam Rolfe

The Enterprise pursues a race of “gatherers” who continue to raid Federation outposts, unaware of the dangers lurking among them.
3.10 – The Defector
January 1, 1990
Directed by: Robert Scheerer | Written by: Ronald D. Moore

When a Romulan officer defects to the Federation with a warning of a impending invasion, Capt. Picard struggles to decide if he is to be believed.
3.11 – The Hunted
January 8, 1990
Directed by: Cliff Bole | Written by: Robin Bernheim

Investigating a planet applying for membership into the Federation, the crew of the Enterprise finds a group of inhabitants who used to be soldiers, but now fight for their very existence.
3.12 – The High Ground
January 29, 1990
Directed by: Gabrielle Beaumont | Written by: Melinda M. Snodgrass

While visiting a planet under civil war, Dr. Crusher is taken hostage by an opposing faction of the planet’s ruling government.

You’ve controlled me through fear, just like you’ve tried to control this whole continent!

3.13 – Déjà Q
February 5, 1990
Directed by: Les Landau | Written by: Richard Danus

Much to Picard’s displeasure, Q reappears on the Enterprise, claiming to have been ejected from the Q Continuum, and therefore, lost his powers.

Well, don’t expect too much sympathy from me. You have been a pain in our backside often enough.

3.14 – A Matter of Perspective
February 12, 1990
Directed by: Cliff Bole | Written by: Ed Zuckerman

The widow of respected scientist Dr. Nel Apgar accuses Riker of seducing her and killing her husband. Rather than turn Riker over for unfavorable trial, the Enterprise reconstructs the facts.
3.15 – Yesterday’s Enterprise
February 19, 1990
Directed by: David Carson | Written by: Trent Christopher Ganino, Eric A. Stillwell

The Enterprise C enters the Enterprise D’s time and space continuum, where they find Picard and crew in a constant state of war with the Klingons, and only Guinan knows it.
3.16 – The Offspring
March 12, 1990
Directed by: Jonathan Frakes | Written by: René Echevarria

After returning from a cybernetics conference to the Enterprise, Data creates his own “child,” much to the chagrin of his captain, and without regards to the ramifications with Starfleet.

Just help her realize she’s not alone. And… be there to nurture her when she needs love and attention.

3.17 – Sins of the Father
March 12, 1990
Directed by: Les Landau | Written by: Drew Deighan

A Klingon commander comes aboard the Enterprise in an officer exchange program initiated by Starfleet, much to the chagrin of the crew.
3.18 – Allegiance
March 26, 1990
Directed by: Winrich Kolbe | Written by: Richard Manning & Hans Beimler

Picard is kidnapped and held with three different aliens and meanwhile replaced with a replica as impostor captain.
3.19 – Captain’s Holiday
April 2, 1990
Directed by: Chip Chalmers | Written by: Ira Steven Behr

After mediating a difficult trade agreement, Captain Picard is encouraged to take a much needed rest on a vacationing planet, where he’s visited by a strange race from the future, in search of a dangerous weapon.
3.20 – Tin Man
April 23, 1990
Directed by: Robert Scheerer | Written by: Dennis Putnam Bailey, David Bischoff

The Enterprise reaches out to an alien being, while dancing around with the Romulans, who want to attack it in an act of vengeance.
3.21 – Hollow Pursuits
April 30, 1990
Directed by: Cliff Bole | Written by: Sally Caves

A shy member of the “Enterprise” crew becomes addicted to the holodeck, where relationships are easier than in real life, when his knowledge is needed in engineering.
3.22 – The Most Toys
May 7, 1990
Directed by: Timothy Bond | Written by: Shari Goodhartz

When transporting a dangerous material to the Enterprise, Data is kidnapped and the crew is led to believe he is dead when the shuttlecraft he was piloting explodes enroute.
3.23 – Sarek
May 14, 1990
Directed by: Les Landau | Written by: Marc Cushman, Jake Jacobs

Legendary Federation ambassador Sarek visits the Enterprise to conclude peace talks with a race called the Legarans. His arrival is accompanied with a rash of unusual emotional outbursts among the crew.
3.24 – Ménage à Troi
May 28, 1990
Directed by: Robert Legato | Written by: Fred Bronson, Susan Sackett

When Deanna’s mother spurns advances made by a Ferengi Daimon, he takes it upon himself to kidnap the two of them, along with Commander Riker and steal them away aboard his ship.
3.25 – Transfigurations
June 4, 1990
Directed by: Tom Benko | Written by: René Echevarria

The Enterprise finds a deserted planet where a ship has crashed, and, with it, the lone survivor with no memory, but extraordinary healing powers.
3.26 – The Best of Both Worlds, Part I
June 18, 1990
Directed by: Cliff Bole | Written by: Michael Piller

Responding to a distress call on one of the Federation’s outer-most colonies, the Enterprise arrives…only to find a big hole in the ground where the town used to be, and discovers the Borg are behind the attack.