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The Edge of Night

Character: Tammy Dryden

Created by: Irving Vendig

Directed by: John Sedwick, Richard Pepperman, Richard Sandwick

Written by: Irving Vendig, Carl Bixby, James Gentile

Cast Members: Ann Flood, Forrest Compton, Donald May

Released date: November 4, 1982

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

In the city of Monticello, attorney Mike Karr and his colleagues are involved in solving crimes and intrigue which touch the lives of many citizens. Some such citizens include dowager Geraldine Whitney, the frequently-married Raven Alexander, attorney Adam Drake and his wife, Nicole, attorney Draper Scott and his wife, April, Police Chief Bill Marceau, night club owner Johnny Dallas, physician Dr. Miles Cavanaugh, young Jody Travis and her many boyfriends, and Mike Karr himself, his wife, Nancy, and their daughter, Lorrie. All the usual soap opera devices, including prolonged amnesia, a woman with a split personality, murderous mobsters, usurped identities, and murders with many suspects, are used quite effectively in this long running serial.

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