Gates McFadden Files

The Wizard

Character: Darcy

Created by: Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, Paul B. Radin

Directed by: Peter H. Hunt

Written by: Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, Paul B. Radin

Produced by: Paul B. Radin

Cast Members: David Rappaport, Douglas Barr, Fran Ryan, Billy Jacoby, A.C. Weary, Bonnie Bartlett, Macon McCalman, Ryan Rushton

Released date: September 9, 1986

Episode(s) Number: 1x01

Episode(s) Title: "El Dorado"

Genre: Adventure, Drama

Simon McKay is a scientist who worked for the U.S. Government on various projects. One day he left and disappeared for a few years. He resurfaced as a toy maker. The government wanting to make sure no one uses his intelligence against the U.S. assigns one of their best agents Alex Jagger to protect him. On Alex's first day, Simon meets a boy who has cancer. Simon learns that unless he gets a transplant he won't last long and the only possible donor is his brother who's an archaeologist. So Simon drags Alex to where his brother is so that he can go back and help the boy. But his brother is being held captive by his benefactor who wants to keep the treasures that was found for himself.

Script developed by Never Enough Design