Gates McFadden Files

I added to the gallery screencaptures from 2 movies in which Gates McFadden played a small part: The Hunt for Red October as Caroline Ryan and A Neighbor’s Deception as Dr. Constance ‘Connie’ Abrams. Also 2 clips from them have been added to the video vault. Take a look and enjoy!

Movie Productions > The Hunt For Red October > Clip
Movie Productions > A Neighbor’s Deception > Clip

2 Responses to ““The Hunt for Red October” & “A Neighbor’s Deception” Caps & Clips”

April 15, 21 • 6:45 am

why did she not get credit for her roll in the hunt for red Octbober ?

April 15, 21 • 8:29 am

Probably too short of a part for being considered worth a credit. IMO it was, but I might be biased.

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