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April 13, 2020  /  Site Maintenance  /  Leave a Reply

incredible to believe but in December we celebrated the 1st anniversary of Gates McFadden Files and normally, after a year, I would change layouts but with everything going crazy since the start of this year, I postponed the event, until now. Because, well, I felt it was time for something different, fresh and colored. My original idea was to dedicate the whole look to Gates’ career, focusing on her roles in movies, tv and theatre but I didn’t have enough images to achieve that and because I did not want it to be only on Star Trek, I decided to mix things a little and make 3 different-yet-similar looks for the main site, the video vault and the photo gallery.

Some thanks are in order. Well first of all, to Gates because she is very inspiring to work on for a designer and sometimes a challenge to match the right coloring to her skin, but I love a good challenge; to our partner-in-Bev @Daily Dose of Gates not only for actively participating into selecting the images but also the immense support and patience she has with me and last, but not least, Edge Design for the category plugin that makes me crazy and want to change icons every other week. And well all of you too, for stopping by, enjoying this adventure with me and always being the kindest people. Thank you and enjoy the new look!

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