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After starring as Doctor Beverly Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation and four subsequent feature films, prolific actor, director and theater choreographer Gates McFadden is launching a podcast series called InvestiGates: Who Do You Think You Are? Joined by her old Star Trek friends and castmates, McFadden explores surprising details about their personal and professional backgrounds through a series of stimulating conversations.

In an exclusive interview with CBR, McFadden shares why she was open to helming a podcast, finding new conversational avenues with friends she has known for decades and if she is open to the possibility of reprising her fan-favorite role as Beverly Crusher in the future.

You’ve been helming your own podcast series InvestiGates — I love that name, by the way — with The Nacelle Company. How did this opportunity first come about?

Gates McFadden: I was familiar with The Nacelle Company — I had done a narration for them — and the CEO Brian Volk-Weiss called me up and just was amazing and went, “I would really love for you to do a podcast that I would produce and you could talk about Star Trek with your friends!” And I was like, “Whoa, stop right there: That ain’t going to happen. My friends and I, we are all tired of talking about Star Trek. There’s no way, I’d have to pay them a million bucks each to get them to talk about an episode!” [Laughs.]

So I said no thanks and I wasn’t interested and then he calls back about a week later going, “I really would like you to do this, I think it would be really great and you could talk about anything you want and have anybody you want on. I just really want you to do one!” And I was like “Wait, I could talk to an astronaut or anybody I want? I wish I had a vision…nothing’s coming up right now but thanks again!”

And he came back again and he was so smart because he had planted the seed in my head and I just love trying things I haven’t tried before. And I started thinking if I did one what would it be? And that’s how I was hooked. And then I thought that they obviously wanted me to talk to some of my Star Trek friends and what we would talk about. By the last time he contacted me, I said yes and went and saw some friends of my mine, they dog-dared me to do it, and that’s how it happened. [Laughs.]

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