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Despite having all the technological medical advances of the 24th century at her disposal — every Trekkie knows the most effective healing tool in Dr Beverly Crusher’s kit was that soothing, reassuring, calming voice.

But when told so, Gates McFadden lets it slip to laugh loudly in a decidedly Ohio accent.

“What’s funny is when I think about my voice like when I’m doing a narration, I really try to speak well and have the mellifluous voice,” she tells TooFab, slipping back into the doctor’s smooth tone. “But then when I’m talking to friends I talk like I’m from Midwest or whatever!”

The actress, 72, not only has the perfect voice for her brand new podcast, she also has the perfect name: “Gates McFadden InvestiGates: Who do you think you are?”

In the conversational show, she sits down for intimate chats with friends and former co-stars, which of course, will include plenty of Enterprise crewmates. The first three episodes feature on-screen son Wil Wheaton, Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge AKA LeVar Burton, and Number One himself Jonathan Frakes.

The entire cast of the 19 Emmy-winning “Star Trek: The Next Generation” are on a group text, she reveals, where they ask each other questions and ask for opinions — but mostly send each other memes.

LeVar’s nomination as “Jeopardy!” host has also come up on the thread.

“Oh I think he’s it,” McFadden exclaims. “I mean we talked about it even before it was announced because my son had gone to school with Alex Trebek’s son, Matty, and so Jeopardy was in the conversation at different times, and I absolutely immediately went, ‘Levar you would be so perfect!’ and at the same time he was like ‘yeah I’d really like to do something like that.’”

McFadden, as it turns out, doesn’t consider herself a bona fide Trekkie (and yet is very well versed in lore outside her own series) as she rarely had the time to keep up with weekly sequels such as “Deep Space Nine” or “Voyager”.

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