Gates McFadden Files

Emerald City

Character: Kate

Directed by: R J Cutler

Written by: David Williamson

Cast Members: Daniel Gerroll, Doris Black, Dan Butler, Alice Haining, Jerry Manning

Venue: Perry Street Theatre, New York City

Production Dates: November 16 - December 18, 1988

Genre: Drama, Comedy

The plays centres on the Rogers family, loosely modelled on Williamson's own. They have recently moved from Melbourne to Sydney. Colin is Australia's most successful screenwriter, but currently down on his luck. He doesn't want to make what he perceives as a "movie of the week" about Tony Sanzari and an amusement park hijacking that is offered to him by his agent, Elaine Ross, but a story about the coastwatchers of World War II, because his uncle was one, and it was Australia's great contribution to the war. His wife, Kate, is a book editor and wants to publish a novel by Aboriginal writer Kath Mitchell titled Black Rage, but her publisher, Ian Wall, says "Blacks don't sell books." They have three children, Penny, who has been frequenting a disco called Downmarket, Hannah, whose teachers say she is depressed, and Sam, whom Colin fears Kate is encouraging to be gay.

Script developed by Never Enough Design