Gates McFadden Files

The Matchmaker

Character: Mrs. Malloy

Directed by: Des McAnuff

Written by: Thornton Wilder

Cast Members: Kenneth McMillan, Rocco Sisto, Arthur Wagner, Rebecca Schull, Ralph Bruneau, Barbara Howard, Michael Genovese, Linda Hunt, Keith Reddin, Susan Berman, Matthew Wright, Craig Green, Tavis Ross, Monica Buckley, Deryl Caitlin, Giovanni Felicioni, John McAdams, Theresa McCarthy, Carolyn Sweeney, Jeff Arthur, Rick Ciloh, Oneida Concepcion, Robin Ditzler, Mark Enos, Susan Goldman, Tamara Harris, Joe Jaffe, Billie Padget, Margie Pine, Lisa Viertel, Kurt Vouher, Lana Worth

Venue: La Jolla Playhouse, La Jolla, CA

Production Dates: May 26 – June 27, 1987

Genre: Comedy

Hunt seems fairly strange at first as Dolly--it does take a while to get used to her diminutive stature. The magic comes on, however, when she starts manipulating Horace over dinner at the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant, easily the funniest and best-managed scene in the show. Hunt’s face is as plain and as tough as a walnut, and here she almost seems like some kind of leprechaun rescuing Horace from his worst self. What a Mary Poppins she would make!

Script developed by Never Enough Design