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  • Dated: June 1, 2012   |   Duration: 01:27
    Gates McFadden, Dr. Beverly Crusher from "Star Trek: The Next Generation", tells us a bit about her first interaction with international fans during conventions and how much she learned from them the importance of the show.
  • Dated: May 25, 2012   |   Duration: 01:31
    What can we expect from the HD version of "Star Trek: The Next Generation"? Gates McFadden, who played Dr. Beverly Crusher on the show, tells us in an exclusive FedCon XXI interview with Syfy why she thinks the science fiction series is perfect for a new HD version.
  • Dated: May 13, 2017   |   Duration: 01:43
    2017 interview at Ottawa Comic-Con with Gates McFadden
  • Dated: March 23, 2018   |   Duration: 05:22
    We traveled to Stan Lee's Comikaze to catch all the panels, cosplay and entertainment. In the middle of the comic fun, reporter D.J. Sadai interviews legendary "Star Trek: The Next Generation" actress Gates McFadden. She discusses what she thinks of "Star Trek: Discovery" and whether she would be open to returning to the Star Trek Universe. She also talks about her recent guest starring appearance on "NCIS," and her upcoming film project "D.I.Y." Interview was shot on October 28, 2017.
  • Dated: September 29, 2018   |   Duration: 44:33
    Gates McFadden, from Star Trek: The Next Generation, talks the series, her career and what she loves about acting.
  • Dated: March 26, 2018   |   Duration: 06:13
    Cinema’s first out gay superhero, Surge, meets Gates McFadden, best known as Doctor Beverly Crusher from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” at Salt Lake Comic Con. Gates discusses her career in acting and choreography, her work with Jim Henson and the Muppets and opening her own theater.
  • Dated: March 13, 2017   |   Duration: 40:31
    Q&A Panel of Gates McFadden from Star Trek: The Next Generation at Lex Con in March 2017.
  • Dated: August 22, 2018   |   Duration: 50:45
    Join Gates McFadden (Star Trek Generations) and Nana Visitor (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) as they talk about their roles and more at Florida Supercon 2018!
  • Dated: December 10, 1996   |   Duration: 02:50
    HRH Prince Charles meets the cast of 'Star Trek : First Contact' at the film premiere, including actors James Cromwell, Alfre Woodard, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, Levar Burton, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner and Director Jonathan Frakes at the premiere of 'Star Trek : First Contact', at the Empire cinema in Leicester Square on December 10, 1996 in London, England
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